Philadelphia Blizzard

Tempered Expectations for Victor Cruz – April 22, 2016
Philadelphia Blizzard WR Victor Cruz’s (knee, calf) progress has pleased doctors, but owner Josh Hopper said the team isn’t counting on Cruz to produce in 2016. ‘We expect him to be full go,’ Hopper said. ‘He hasn’t played in two years. He’s probably more healthy than he’s been in the last two years. What we get from Victor will be a bonus and we’re hoping it’s a great bonus for us.’ Fans should take the same approach as the Blizzard when it comes to Cruz and consider it a bonus if he ends up producing useful numbers.


Richard Sherman says he wants to choke Josh Hopper – June 16, 2013
Chicago Direwolves cornerback Richard Sherman isn’t a fan of Philadelphia Blizzard Owner Josh Hopper or his recent comments on PED usage in Chicago. Browner responded to comments from Hopper by saying, “He’s an owner. He’s never gonna be out there lined up against me. I wish he could; I’d put my hands around his neck.” In other words, an XFFL player suggested he wants to choke an XFFL Owner. To be fair, the Blizzard are the biggest rivals for the ‘Wolves, and they did beat them for the title last season. On Tuesday, Hopper said that he “definitely noticed” the recent suspensions and controversy the Direwolves have faced regarding performance-enhancing drugs. Chicago has had five players suspended for PEDs since 2010, when the team moved to Chicago. “The XFFL doesn’t release what it actually is. You have no idea. You’re taking somebody at their word and I’m not sure you can take them at their word, understanding the circumstances,” Hopper said.


Owner Information:
Team Owner – Josh Hopper
Email –
Phone – (712) 660-1882

Franchise Information:
Philadelphia Blizzard (2005-2008 & 2010-present)

Franchise Record: 58-83-0
Franchise Percentage: 0.411
XFFL Champions (’12 & ’15)




Team MVPs:                      Season Records:
2005: Donovan McNabb                          7-7 (0-0)
2006: Drew Brees                           12-2 (1-1)
2007: Brian Westbrook                           5-9 (0-0)
2008: Donovan McNabb                         4-10 (0-0)
2010: Stevie Johnson                       0-7 (0-0)*
2011: Cam Newton                   5-8 (0-0)
2012: C.J. Spiller                                 8-5 (3-0)
2013: Cam Newton                               3-10 (0-0)
2014: Jeremy Maclin                           5-8 (0-0)
2015: Cam Newton                          8-5 (3-0)
2016: Cam Newton                  1-12 (0-0)


Cam Newton delivers Championship #2 to Philadelphia fans


Quarterbacks                       Kickers
Cam Newton                              Steven Hauschka
Marcus Mariota

Running Backs                    Defensive Lineman
C.J. Spiller                                 Malik Jackson
Jonathon Stewart                     Calais Campbell
Ryan Mathews
Alfred Morris

Wide Receivers                   Linebackers
Michael Crabtree                     Mychal Kendricks
Victor Cruz                                Mark Barron
Jeremy Maclin                          Brandon Marshall
Amari Cooper
Jamison Crowder
Will Fuller

Tight Ends                             Defensive Backs
Kyle Rudolph                             Mike Mitchell
Jason Witten                              Marcus Peters
Maxx Williams