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Keenan Allen Looks to Add Speed – April 20, 2016
Boise Bobcats WR Keenan Allen (kidney) completed his first day of voluntary workouts Monday, April 18. He is looking to cut weight this offseason and add speed.  Allen was on pace for a monster season in 2015 until he suffered a lacerated kidney in Week 8. If he is able to add speed and stay healthy, he has a chance to be a top play at his position again.



Boise Fans Have Had Enough – October 1, 2014
It’s boiling over in Boise. After suffering its fourth-straight loss by over 20 points, fans in Boise are lashing out, calling for massive changes from the top all the way down. “Everything about this team is pathetic,” said Neal McDonald, who’s been a season ticket holder since the team’s relocation from Philadelphia in 2009.
“The running backs suck when they’re not beating up fiancées in an elevator, the wide receivers are inconsistent and the starting linebacker is tearing his ACL when he’s celebrating a sack. Plus, Ryan Fitzpatrick is our backup. Need I say more?”
Another Boise fan, Derek Holmes attempted some dark humor when describing the Bobcats.
“The logo is the most accurate representation of this team you could think of,” said Holmes. “It looks like one of those cats that got euthanized by toxic gas so it can be used in a high school anatomy class. You know, mouth open and everything. The rest of the league is living up to its role of cutting them up.”
The fans’ frustration is growing as the Bobcats’ season continues to stall. The Bobcats rank dead last in the league in several statistic categories. Points scored (293.01), points by receivers (40.17), and points by kickers (10.67), although the last one is partially due to the offense’s inability to move the ball.
And things look like things might be worse before they get better. The team’s miserable season started with Ray Rice’s suspension for domestic violence. That suspension left the Bobcats with a serious hole at running back. Rice was released after the league suspended him indefinitely, but it inserted owner Jarrod Tell into the debate since it took that long to release him.
Since Rice’s release, the team has had several running backs on its roster, but still has no answer at that position. Add that to the gaping holes at tight end and backup quarterback, plus inconsistency from the wide receivers, and the team is set up for several losses in the near future.
The issues have made the noise louder in Boise, as media and fans have united as one to voice their displeasure about Tell and the team. Criticisms range from Tell “being too focused on his work in South Dakota” to shear incompetence from the top down. Count Mitch Henery, columnist for the Idaho Press and Register, among the latter group, especially when it comes to Tell.”
There’s no doubt that ownership is the main culprit behind this team’s spiral,” said Henery. “This is the same ownership that went over its time allotment for picking players this past draft not once, but twice! These guys also got rid of Demaryius Thomas a couple of seasons ago for a ham sandwich. He’s probably the happiest person in the league right now because not to be playing for this mess of a franchise.”
The increasing numbers of voices has Tell taking notice. “I’ve been hearing it on the radio, and trust me, I look in the mirror everyday and know there have been many, many mistakes,” said Tell. “It’s my fault, and everyone here is just as frustrated as they are.
“Unfortunately, we need be honest with ourselves. We just don’t have the answers to these issues on our roster right now, and that falls on me.”Tell added that getting out of this mess is going to take a lot more time than it took to get in.
“What can I say? We’re going to have to build the same way all teams that suck build: through the draft,” said Tell. “We need draft picks and young players. It’s going to take a while, and some of them won’t pan out.” That answer was not acceptable to McDonald. “This team wasted a huge opportunity when they had one of the strongest rosters in the league, but had Josh Freeman as its quarterback,” McDonald said. “At this moment, I have no trust in this ownership to get this right.
“Some won’t pan out? Name a pick that has panned out? Thomas was the only one, and he’s gone now.” The Bobcats will try to silence some of the next weekend when they hit the road to take on the Omaha Bigdogs.


Owner Information:
Team Owner – Jarrod Tell
Email –
Phone – (641) 420-6932

Franchise Information:
Boise Bobcats (2009-present)
Franchise Record: 48-57-0
Franchise Percentage: 0.457




Team MVPs:                        Season Records:
2009: Ray Rice                          7-7 (0-0)
2010: Ray Rice                          3-10 (0-0)
2011: Ray Rice                             8-5 (0-1)
2012: Brandon Marshall               7-6 (0-0)
2013: Brandon Marshall                  6-7 (0-0)
2014: Odell Beckham Jr.                 4-9 (0-0)
2015: Odell Beckham Jr.                    5-8 (0-0)
2016: Odell Beckham Jr.                              8-5 (0-1)

SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 19:  Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks drops back against the San Francisco 49ers during the 2014 NFC Championship at CenturyLink Field on January 19, 2014 in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has become the complete Quarterback Boise fans have been hoping for.


Quarterbacks                  Kickers
Russell Wilson                     Dustin Hopkins
Alex Smith

Running Backs
                Defensive Lineman
Ameer Abdullah                  Akiem Hicks
Derrick Henry                     Damon Harrison
LaGarrette Blount
Darren Sproles
Jordan Howard

Wide Receivers              Linebackers

Kevin White                         David Harris
Keenan Allen                       Stephen Tulloch
Philip Dorsett
Jordan Matthews
Odell Beckham Jr.
Marvin Jones

Tight Ends                        Defensive Backs
Charles Clay                          Reggie Nelson
Cameron Brate                      D.J. Hayden
Clive Walford